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Cell & Gene Therapy

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Cell & Gene therapy continues to grow at a fast rate as the center of healthcare innovation. Cell therapy involves the transfer of intact live cells into patient and gene therapy involves replacement, inactivation and introduction of genes into cell. You can get end to end support from research to commercialization from us. We want to help you overcome possible challenges and develop exceptional cell & gene therapies with effective and state-of-art laboratory solutions to.

We take pride in the cell growth reagents that we house for immune cell therapy such as mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), embroynic stem cells (ESCs), and more which supports the optimal growth and health of your cells, the essentials for cell & gene therapy studies.

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Efficient WAY TO
optimize NK CELL production

NK Cells therapy

NK cell therapy made efficient.

Cost and time saving with higher yield.

We have found one of the most efficient GMP grade NK cell cultivation kit that is selective for the expansion of NK cells with a cell purity of >90% and an expansion rate of >3000. This DSNK kit is approved by Taiwan FDA.

With this DSNK cell cultivation kit there is no need for you to purchase additional materials such as antibody coating and feeder cells. It is also time saving as you do not need to isolate NK cells prior to culturing you can use PBMC directly for culturing.

5 Active cell therapies in development pipeline

Minimal toxicity with targeted elimination of tumour cells.

  1. Car-T Cell Therapy
  2. TCR-T Cell Therapy
  3. TIL Cell Therapy
  4. NK/ NKT Cell Therapy
  5. Immune Checkpoint Blockade Therapy

High Performance MSC Culture Media

High Performance MSC Culture Media

High Performance MSC Media

MSC growth media optimized for cancer therapy.

Mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) is a frequently used cell type in regenerative medicine. It is also known to be able to target and effectively migrate to cancer sites.

Having elusive impact on cancer progression, MSC has been genetically engineered as anticancer agents. STEMGOLD high performance MSC growth media is optimized for consistent and superior growth of MSCs.

Serum-free, xeno-free defined medium for human & animal mesenchymal stem cells with excellent trilineage differentiation potential.

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